Kauai Hawaii, 2 Day Camps

Kauai Hawaii, 2 Day Camps

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Due to Popular Demand......Mario is returning November 2024!
This time in two locations - North AND East!

Head Coach: Mario Barrientos
Princeville - November 19-20, 2024
Lihue - November 23-24

Morning Sessions: 8am to 11am
Afternoon Sessions: 12pm-3pm

This camp offers four separate, 3-hour sessions for up to 12 hours of instruction at each location. HIGHLY recommended to attend all four session to get the most out of your training!

Available to the following players:

3.5 and Below - Beginner to Low Intermediate
3.5 and Above - Intermediate to Expert

3.5 and Below Curriculum
ProConnection provides a nurturing environment for new players 3.5 and below. Our Professional instructors help players through the rules and fundamentals of the game to develop the solid foundation needed to play pickleball, focusing on the game's most important strokes (Serve, Return, Third Shots, Volleys, Dinks, and Overheads). The purpose and technique of each shot is reinforced by incorporating drills and games specifically designed by ProConnection pros for our curriculum.

Beginner Program Covers:

• Rules (Scoring and All Essential Game Rules)

• Serving and Returning (Grip, Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Strategy)

• Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)

• Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (3rd Shot Drops and Drives)

• Punch Volleys (Beating the Bangers)

• Offensive Shots (Drives, Lobs, Overheads)

• Beginner Drills and Games Built Around Every Shot Above


3.5 and Above Curriculum
Our intermediate/advanced camp is intended for players 3.5 and above, focusing on proper mechanics and the strategy of every major shot. Players are taught to recognize weaknesses and how to exploit them in winning play. 

This camp is ideal for individuals who have a solid grasp of the basics and are ready to take their game up a notch. 

Our Comprehensive 2-Day/12-Hour Intermediate Program Covers:

• Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)

• Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (3rd Shot Drops and Drives)

• Volleys (Punch Volleys, Roll Volleys, Reset Volleys)

• Offensive Shots (Roll Volleys, Erne, ATP, Blitzing, Lobs, Overheads, Shoves)

• Serving and Returning (Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Strategy)


FULL Camp Structure:

Our programs feature top instructors and current touring professionals offering:

• 12-hours of High-Quality Instruction

• Maximum 8 Students to 1 Pro Ratio

• Free Swag Bags

1) Pro Demonstration of New Skills

2) Pros Analyze the Players Through Drills

3) Players Play Semi-Competitive Games Reinforcing the New Skill

Rain policy: We will make every attempt to have make up days, as available.  Unfortunately,  no refunds will be given due to inclement weather. Credit will be given for any days missed. We plan to hold camps and clinics twice per year.

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