In a short time, Jaume Martinez Vich has made a name for himself in the world of Pickleball. Some amazing finishes and performances has solidified Jaume as the real deal in the pro ranks. With victories over such names as Jay Devilliers and, most notably, Ben Johns, Jaume has become a hot commodity and Pro Connection campers are fortunate to have the chance to play and learn from one of the sport’s rising stars. A former collegiate tennis star, Jaume was one of Rafael Nadal's favorite training partners and won a College National Championship in Hawaii.

Meet Megan Ashley Fudge DeHeart, a highly talented and accomplished athlete in the field of pickleball. Born and raised in Dusseldorf, Germany, Megan has established herself as a formidable force in the sport. Continuing to excel in her career, Megan's prowess shone brightly in 2022 as she secured consecutive gold medals, further cementing her status as a remarkable athlete. Now, with 23 Gold medals to her name, her exceptional skills have not gone unnoticed, as she now stands proudly amongst the top three female players on the app tour. Additionally, Megan's unrivaled performances have catapulted her into the top ten rankings of DUPR singles players worldwide. 


Mario Barrientos is a talented pro with quite an interesting background. Mario was born and raised in Chile until he came to America in 2016 without speaking any English. While in The States, he went to college to study accounting and started playing pickleball in 2019. One year after picking up a paddle, he went pro and started competing against, and even beating, top players like Ben Johns. He’s working on getting his master's degree in accounting from BYU and traveling to tournaments.

Originally from North Vancouver, Canada, Alex Walker comes to pickleball from a multi-sport background that includes basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Walker played tennis on scholarship for the University of Montana where she graduated with a psychology degree in 2022. She was first introduced to pickleball in 2020 by her mother but began playing full-time in early 2023. Walker represented the Rocky Mountain Rush as part of the Canadian National Pickleball League and now competes for the Surprise Stingers of the Arizona Pickleball League. Her sister, Angie Walker, also competes on the PPA Tour.

Angie Walker grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Walker played Division I tennis at Idaho State from 2016-2021 and holds the record for most singles wins in school history.

Walker started playing professionally in January of 2023. Angie is one of the best pickleball players in Canada. She was drafted 1st overall in the Canadian National Pickleball League. You will often see Walker playing alongside her sister Alex Walker. Walker says she is very fortunate to be able to share this experience with her sister.

Alex Neumann Pro Pickleball PlayerAlex Neumann is an up-and-coming professional pickleball superstar. Before discovering pickleball, Neumann started out as a practice player on Northwestern University’s varsity tennis team. Neumann quickly realized that his tennis background would significantly help his pickleball game. He is incredibly quick on the court and boasts a tremendously powerful forehand. Alex considers himself to be most successful when he plays aggressively, close to the net, and strikes the ball with powerful spin. Neumann’s two favorite shots are his forehand drive and two-
handed backhand speed-up. 

Selected as a member of the APP NextGen National Team,
Ivy is one of the hottest up-and-coming young players around. With a fiery demeanor and incredible pickleball skills, expect Ivy to be at the top of rankings very soon.




Ekaterina Biakina picked up a pickleball paddle for the first time in March 2023 and was quickly hooked, like so many of us. Kata has defeated several top-ranked pros like Brooke Revuelta, Lauren Mercado, Lingwei Kong, Madeline Schulte,, Allison Phillips, Marcela Hones, Genie Bouchard, and, most prominently, Mary Brascia. Before pickleball, she competed in beach tennis professionally and played her way up to World #24. As a junior, she competed internationally in tennis and reached a high ranking of 157 on the ITF junior tour.


A competitive athlete and lover of racquet sports her entire life, Adriana Tomazeli’s journey to playing pro level Pickleball, started on the Squash courts in Brazil, competing as an elite national level Squash player and earning a silver medal in Brazil’s National Championships. After moving to the U.S. 20 years ago and becoming an American citizen, she took up competitive racquetball, playing in the U.S. Open Racquetball Nationals. However, after being introduced to Pickleball 4-years ago, Adriana found her life’s true passion and a new career calling. Going all-in on the world’s fastest-growing sport, Adriana is joining the Women’s Senior Pro Tour in 2024. And when she’s not playing Pickleball tournaments across the U.S. and Mexico, you’ll find her coaching at the King of Padel in San Diego, or running clinics, camps, and private lessons for players of all ages and skills. Off the Pickleball court, Adriana is a talented artist, creating and selling oversized paintings and murals. She’s also a former international model and remains active modeling different sportswear attire, plus she still finds time to play Beach Tennis and competes in the World Beach Racket League.